This blog is an attempt to inform, rant and perhaps, educate readers about the complicated world of recurrent baby loss. 

It may shock you, it may upset you, it may anger you – that’s not my intention, but I’m not here to make friends (although it would be nice if I did!) – I’m here to (cheesy as it sounds) heal. Writing is the only thing which helps right now, so I’m here to say all the things I’ve wanted to say for so long. In doing so, I have to acknowledge that it may injure some relationships, but I think that’s a price I’m willing to pay (famous last words).

So much of what’s happened has hurt me so much, and I just want people to stop and think. I trust that no one ever sets out to hurt another, but they unintentionally do. So perhaps this can help you to avoid some pitfalls.

So who is this for?

•   People who have been through it
•   People who want to understand/empathise
•   People with children
•   People without children

People then, it’s for people! And I hope it will therefore, in some ways, have something for everyone.

How to read this blog

I’d suggest first reading the My Story section so you can learn about my background with baby loss and where I’m coming from. The subsequent blogs deal with my experience and journey with grief, alongside any pertinent musings. These can be found via the Categories sidebar to the right, or via the Blogs archive page from the main menu. Finally, I’ve added a Processing Grief section for personal ideas on how to work through the difficult times.

House rules

I’m happy for you to share this link with others and for people to comment (in fact, please do), but apologies aren’t necessary. Actions speak louder than words. So read, have a think and if you want to, act differently.

And now it’s time for the BRUTH i.e. what my husband calls my “brutal truth”.

My name is Anjulie and these are my Mumoirs.