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Head Vs. Heart

Mind over matter (phrase): The use of willpower to overcome problems

My Head My Heart
It’s time to get over it How?
It’s time to move forward How?
It’s time to stop thinking about it How?
Time. Just give it time How much more time?
Other people would have handled this better than you How did they do it?
You are crazy But this feels like the only rational response
You’re moping I’m broken
Maybe next time, you should try to get less attached How is that even possible?
It’s better that way Nothing is better now
You have to be able to be happy for other people, at some point Why? When?
You are happy for them, deep down It hurts to go that deep
I wonder, what it would be like if… Please don’t do that
They must be so happy Please don’t think about it, I can feel it
Ask a question, I want to know everything I don’t want to know the answer
Please do it No, thank you
It’s easy It’s too hard
You’re feeling sorry for yourself again But it still hurts
This must stop: mind over matter! You’re the mind, but I matter
You need to be positive I need to be realistic
This might work This might fail
You should hope for the best I should prepare for the worst
You can’t stay angry forever Why not?
You can’t avoid everyone who has upset you Why not?
It’s not their fault But they made it worse
You’ll have to face them some day Not today
Are you really angry at them, or what’s happened to you? Both. Neither. Both.
I think you’re pathetic I feel you’re heartless
You’re a bad person I don’t like you either
It’s time to get over it You said that already…

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  1. Melanie says:

    A moving illustration. Love you x

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