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Baby Loss Bingo

Bingo (noun): A game in which players mark off sections on cards, the winner being the first person to mark off all their sections

Roll up, roll up for baby-loss-bingo! The one game you don’t want to win!

    • If you get a full-board: Shout Bingo! Someone get that person a gosh-darn medal!
    • If you complete a horizontal row: I hear you, my friend
    • If you complete a vertical row: I feel your pain
    • If you complete a diagonal row: I’m right there with you
Had a change in appetite Felt you’ve lost your mind Angry at your baby fat Didn’t know who to call Heard a hurtful platitude
Cried in the shower Easily irritated Music made you cry Cried in the baby aisle Functioned on autopilot
Forced a smile Someone’s silence hurt Exhausted all the time Wondered if you’re a mum Felt there’s a grey haze
A friendship died Overused the word ‘hate’ Wondered “what’s the point?” Cried at something random Felt apathetic
Had delayed reactions Felt sad about a pregnancy announcement Felt completely numb Can’t sleep Couldn’t stop the tears

N.B. Although I’ve made light of feeling like this, please note that lots of these are not only indicators of grief, but also depression. If you feel that you’re not coping, please seek advice and help – there’s no shame in needing that. Sending love to anyone who’s trapped in this ‘game’. 

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